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Structural Yoga in London

Your posture today is a reflection of everything you have ever done to and with your body. The way you walk, sit, carry things, and the type of job you undertake all impact on your posture. If you undertake sporting activity one side of your body or certain muscles may be more developed or flexible than others. This imbalance may lead to injuries and longer term health problems. Structural yoga identifies imbalances in the body. Individual programmes are then designed to return the body to balance. They are continually refined to develop in line with the individuals needs.

Venkatesh Hatha Yoga

Venkatesh Hatha Yoga involves practicing a combination of postures, breathing and relaxation. The yoga sequence includes all the classical yoga postures and is suitable for beginners to more advanced students. Postures are normally held for 10 breaths with an emphasis placed on correct alignment. Detailed verbal instructions are given by the teacher along with very gentle hands on adjustments. The primary aims of the class are for students to ‘feel the pose’, quieting the mind and balance their emotions.

The practice is a great physical workout, with strength, stamina and flexibility being developed, but also leaves the students with a feeling of inner calmness and peace.

Yoga for Children

Through the practice of yoga children are able to improve strength, flexibility and balance. They are able to sleep better and will gain and develop self-awareness. Their levels of concentration increase, helping them perform to their full potential at home and in school. The classes are fun and interactive and incorporate, posture work, breathing and relaxation techniques working towards a complete health for the children.

Yoga for Teenagers

The teenage years bring many physical and emotional changes. A specially designed yoga practice helps young people face the challenges they encounter with self-confidence and self-awareness. The yoga for teenagers class helps balance the hormonal system, improve concentration and calm exam nerves. On a physical level it creates a feeling of well-being and a healthy body image, supports their growing bodies and increases strength, flexibility and balance. A great compliment to other sports.

No prior experience of yoga is required for any of our sessions.



Yoga is a gentle yet effective way of supporting and strengthening a woman's body during pregnancy.

Here are a few of the benefits of pregnancy yoga:

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy uses a combination of yoga practices to support in the healing of particular conditions. It is much more specialist than yoga with all sessions tailored to a specific ailment or injury. Yoga Therapy assists the systems of the body to function as efficiently and effectively as possible, aiding prevention of illnesses, alleviating symptoms of existing conditions and promoting the body’s own natural healing process to restore health and wellbeing where disease is already present.

Much medical research is now available showing that Yoga Therapy is very effective in treating many conditions.

Yoga Therapy is complimentary to western medicine and should not be viewed as a substitute for a medical diagnosis or the services of a physician. Yoga Therapy can be practised in conjunction with medical treatments being received and also in tandem with other complementary therapies.

Yoga Therapy and Structural Yoga are offered as individual, small group and group sessions.

Yoga for Children and Yoga for Teenagers are offered as small group and group sessions.

Alexandra Evans:
Alex is a Shiatsu Practitioner, Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral Practitioner, Massage therapist and Yoga teacher. She has been practicing for over 12years and loves this work.
She loves working structurally to stretch and release the body particularly the lower back and believes having a treatment helps boost the whole body not just the injured area.
Many people also see Alex for regular treatment as a way of releasing the pressure of every day life and keeping themselves strong yet relaxed. She is excellent at getting you to deeply relax and let go, there's many a person that's fallen asleep during a session!! So don't be at all surprised....
She always works with an awareness of emotions and a sense of the whole. She also works with pregnancy and post natal and was quoted in The Sunday Times recently as "those in the know go to see Alexandra Evans"
Taking time to de-stress even for an hour a week can make a marked
impact on your life, give your body some quality respite to repair and
relax itself.
Veronique Foley:
Veronique has been an avid sportswoman her entire life, but her interest in holistic bodywork and yoga came many years ago after sustaining a knee injury from running. Amazed at how yoga hastened her healing as well as her health and overall mindset, yoga quickly became an integral part of her life.

Veronique has spent extensive periods of time living, studying and teaching in India. She believes in learning yoga from where it originated and then fuses this ancient knowledge with the modern teachings of the west. This enables her to bring ancient yoga techniques and their many benefits to the 21st century urban dweller.

Veronique’s real passion has always been to use yoga and holistic therapies to help heal specific health conditions and physical injures. This led Veronique to undertake specialist training in Yoga Therapy in India and the USA . Veronique is one of only a few teachers who have trained in both countries.

Veronique has also undertaken specialist training to teach children and teenagers. She is a fully qualified Yoga Bugs and Yogad Up Teacher.

After four years away, studying and teaching overseas, Veronique returned to London in 2006 to set up Yoga Therapy London. Her own personal teaching style is supportive and encouraging, with a sense of fun. Her passion is to share her own yoga and holistic knowledge with others and guide them on the path to a healthier happier life. Veronique likes her students to leave the studio with a little extra love, light and laughter in their hearts and carry that with them throughout their day.
Veronique is also a trained Reiki Master and Massage Therapist.

yoga therapy and yoga classes in central london and the city

Yoga and yoga therapy  to help the strength and coordination of your body

Yoga teacher Alexandra Evans has 15 years experience in working with the body using yoga and shiatsu.

Veronique Fowley one of our yoga therapists in Central London and Canary Wharf in Docklands

Veronique Foley has spent extensive periods of time living, studying and teaching yoga therapy in India before coming to London to teach her style of yoga.

one to one yoga

Yoga sessions that are individually tailored to your personal needs.

Get expert advice on how best to loosen, relax, balance and strengthen your body.

A one to one relationship enables a deeper understanding of your needs and allows an instructor to devise a programme specifically for you to help your body get fitter and at the same time enable your body to relax and unwind alongside allowing your mind to also relax and focus.

Have an instructor watch your movements and examine the areas that most need attention; work together to look how the muscle structure is moving or held in tension from head to toe.

Work together to learn what the most effective way is for you to calm your mind, relax your body and become more integrated into yourself. Learn breathing techniques and meditation techniques that you personally respond too and as you continue to work notice how the practice changes as you improve. Sessions can be dynamic, gentle or restorative depending on your needs and goals.

Anyone can. Any age. Any sex. Any ability can practice yoga. (Iyengar) Yet yoga is not a one size fits all system and what one person needs can be very different from another.

Some people start one to one yoga as a way of developing their practice Some have a specific injury or illness and would like to improve their condition Some would like to start yoga without being overwhelmed by a large class Some people in London find classes too large and are worried about injury. And sometimes class times may not fit your schedule.

Whatever your reason do what's best for your body. Celebrate your uniqueness and love your body.

brief history of yoga

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