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tui na and chi gong - eastern massage

Chinese Massage is not only for the athlete, but it can help sports or martial arts injuries, stress, body weakness and fatigue, back problems, headaches and other internal problems, it is a holistic treatment.

Tui Na and Qi Gong are traditional holistic forms of healing used in China for hundreds of years to achieve a complete health. Tui Na is a type of vigorous, deep massage which uses many different types of hand movement to stimulate the tissues and energy circulation and bring increased blood flow to problem areas of the body.

The massage movements can vary from deep massage to rhythmic pounding or quiet soothing circular movements over energy centers. It is Chinese pressure point therapy applied along important acupuncture meridians of the body and therefore works directly on the organs, it can release blockages in the energy flow and help to rebalance the energy throughout the body, the affects are similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles.

Treatments and its effects

Treatments last an hour and are given either sitting or laying down, the patient should wear comfortable loose clothes and not eat a heavy meal for an hour before treatment. The massage can be very vigorous and sometimes painful, and the patient may experience tingling an increased flow of energy and a deep internal relaxation. These sensations are normal.

Our Tui Na and Qi Gong practitioner:

Shifu Quan Jun Liu
a native of China, has studied wushu (traditional Chinese martial arts or kung fu) and qi gong since childhood, and has been teaching traditional Chinese martial arts since 1991 and has studied with some of the best masters. He is a practitioner of Chinese medicine and specializes in Tui Na (Chinese massage), Dian Xue (acupuncture point massage), qi gong healing and martial arts therapy.

Shifu Quan Jun Liu

Our tui na and chi gong practitioner, Shifu Quan Jun Liu having a hard qi gong test

...came over from mainland China to share his skills in the Eastern atrs of treatment, health and martial arts.

Shifu Quan Jun Liu gives Chinese treatments, tui na massage, chi gong, and teaches tai chi

Shifu Quan Jun Liu at a more peaceful moment.

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