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sports tune up for elite athletes

Sports Osteopath Torben Hersborg giving treatyment to young sprinter in Kingston, Jamaica

Torben Hersborg from the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic giving treatment for ankle sprain under the supervision of Jamaican Olympic Head Coach, Glen Mills.

We are trusted by competitors up to the level of Olympic Gold Medallists, World Record Holders and World Champions from several Continents. Many of our practitioners having International and Olympic background themselves - to name a few:

Torben Hersborg, osteopath:
Has competed at International level in Judo for decades with around 15 medals at National Championships and a 5th at the World Masters Championships in 2002.
Trecia Smith, physiotherapist:
Trecia is the 2005 World Champion in the Triple Jump, and a double Olympian. She has a unique understanding of the demands to succeed at the highest level in sport.
Jaqui Agyepong, sports masseur:
Known by many from her Olympic career as a sprint hurdler, where she also achieved a Commonwealth Games Silver Medal.
Alan Henderson, sports masseur:
Alan has himself competed at three Olympic Winter Games in the Bobsleigh.
Nusrat Ceesay, sports masseur:
Nusrat is a GB International in the 400m hurdles.
Rob Newton, sports masseur:
Known by many from his Olympic career as a sprint hurdler - being the 4th fastest ever in the UK.

Athletes use us for speedy recovery, high level maintenance - and "Tune-Up". Practitioners from the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics have been flown out to most parts of the World to help athletes in training and competing.

We are renowned by the Elite Athletes for the speed of recovery from injury and the help we can give leading up to (and during) major championships.

Sports "Tune-Up"

The "Tune-Up" is a treatment designed by osteopath Torben Hersborg to:

1) Free up restricted joints:
Joints that are not moving 100% freely will slow you down and require more muscular effort and energy, therefore tiring you more.
Your potentionally full range of movement will not be achieved neither.
2) Stimulate relevant muscle groups:
Muscles that are not relaxed and alert will not react fast and explosive but will be more prone to injury and consume excessive energy.
Tight muscles will also reduce your range of movement.
3) Free up the diaphragm:
A tight diaphragm will restrict your breathing, hence reducing your oxygen intake and adversedly affect your performance and recovery.
4) Connect the body:
One part of the body, that doesn't function optimally can affect other areas e.g.: A little neck restriction, irritating the motor fibres of the nerves that supply the arm can reduce the responce of the target muscles as far away as the fingers.
Muscle chains are muscles which enhance (or reduce) other muscles eg: Postural muscles in the neck can affect postural muscles in the lower back, so a lower back weakness can be caused by a muscular tension in the neck.
In the normal gait pattern, the arm swing is chained to the leg swing, so a shoulder problem can affect the hip (and vice versa) through a faulty muscle chain.
5) Target known weaknesses and areas prone to injury:
Have you got any known weaknesses or injury prone areas special attention will be given to this.

Let our specialists help you with your back pain, headache and other pains and aches.

Vocal treatement

Osteopath Torben Hersborg with singer Peter Andre

Peter Andre with osteupath Torben Hersborg from Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic

Torben has developed a style of treatment which is used by singers to help their throats and voices.

Olympic Congratulations

Heather Fell & Katie Livingston

Olympic silver medalist Heather Fell and Katie Livingston with osteopath David Annett from Central ondon Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic in the City of London, EC1 EC4

Congratulations to Olympic silver medalist Heather Fell and 7th placed Katie Livingston with osteopath David Annett from Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic in Old Street, Shoreditch.

Torben Hersborg

Torben Hersborg osteopaths sciatica treatment

Principal osteopath Torben Hersborg giving treatment at the 2005 Modern Pentathlon World Championships.

Olympic Finalist Tyrone Edgar

Olympic 100m finalist Tyrone Edgar

Congratulations to Olympic 100m Semi Finalist Tyrone Edgar - it has been a pleasure to work with you the past 14 years and follow your progress.

Silver to Jade Johnson

2008 European Cup

Olympic finalist and European Cup silver medalistbJade Johnson

Jade it is good to see you again - and well done with your long jump silver medal at the 2008 European Cup and your new personal best.

Jeanette Kwakye @ the Olympics

Jeanette Kwakye, Olympic finalist

Olympic Games: Well done Jeanette Kwakye to place 6th, being the only European to reach the final - this is a great follow up of your silver medal at the World Indoor Championships

Manage they toil of our everyday life

Tension or stress?

Treatment for migraine, headache, neck pain, frozen shoulder, lower back pain and sciatica in City of London, N1, EC1 near W1, Canary Wharf in Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics with physiotherapists

Tension headaches, migraines and stress related conditions can benefit from osteopathy, physiotherapy and some of our other treatments incl. shiatsu, acupuncture and Swedish massage.


With osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports injury clinics in kings cross and Shoreditch, we are conveniently located for Central London, the City, North, West, South and East London.

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